Do Synthetic Vitamins Do More Harm than Good?

Published Januay 21, 2012 BY Varsha Aditya at

There are always studies coming out about the dangers of vitamin deficiencies. The list of diseases and ailments you could open yourself up to by not taking amultivitamin can be simply terrifying.  While it’s true that today’s produce has nowhere near the nutritional content that it had 100 years ago, the bigger danger is thinking that a multivitamin is some kind of insurance against any possible deficiency.

We tend to imagine that we have some simple filing system for everything we put into in our bodies.  We imagine the body quickly sorts through the components of a multivitamin tablet, sending each vitamin to its correct place in the body. Some would go into storage, and others would be taken to the kidney to be flushed out if the body already had enough.  Simple, right?

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