Why AAPco Products Are Better

  • AAPco products are comprised of natural whole food ingredients providing vitamin and mineral complexes and synergists.
  • Formulated by the world-renowned biochemist and nutritionist, Dr. Richard Murray, providing “highly-effective” and “safe” supplementation.
  • Provides natural supplementation of the vitamins and minerals lacking from our modern diet and food supply, without drug-like reactions.
  • Our formulary facilities have been supplying healthcare professionals and consumers with quality nutritional supplements for over 50 years.
  • Our formulary uses a true cold-processing technique that preserves potency. For capsules, this means that the product never gets above 77 degrees during processing. Our products are highly-effective because the nutrients remain intact.
  • All AAPco products are manufactured in accordance with cGMPs (current good manufacturing practices) for nutritional supplements in accordance with USP29. In addition, our formulary is ISO 9001 certified, ISO 17025 accredited and comply with federal and other worldwide regulatory bodies, including: FDA Audit Compliant, Canadian Ministry of Health, and European Union GMP Certified.
  • All raw materials undergo extensive testing for yeast, mold and bacterial purity prior to processing.
  • After manufacturing, the product is tested to ensure it meets USP28 standards for disintegration (how fast it breaks down in the stomach), dissolution (how easily the components go into solution), and stability (assurance of shelf life).

AAPco Products


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