I recently noticed the affects of a huge amount of pressure which my husband and I were experiencing. With both of us working full time, going to school full time, raising two children, having surgical procedures for our backs and moving from one home to another, it was just too much. Of course we know God will never give us more than we can handle, so I started looking for other ways to help reduce / ease our stress.


We found AAPaco and their product Nrv-Eze through a search for Natural / Whole foods approaches to health and wellness. Since taking this daily supplement, our busy lives have not let up; however, we find it easier to keep calm throughout the day. We find it easier to keep clarity and calmness with us.


We couldn't be more happy and thankful with the results of Nrv-Eze. The last thing a stressful life needs is one more thing to do or worry about. Every morning my husband and I look forward to taking our supplement for the difference it makes! Truly an exceptional product.

-Therese M., Orlando, FL

I have been taking the VITA-B Plus, Fortified GTF and General Food Concentrate for over a month and already feel the difference. My sugar level was high and now it is back to normal. Since I started taking these supplements I don’t crave sweets anymore, and in fact I lost 5 lbs in less than 5 weeks. I feel more energetic and my bones don’t hurt anymore. I am looking forward to taking other AAPco products.

- Maria, Orlando, FL

The supplements that I have been taking (Life Pak) have made a big difference in how i feel. I notice that my cravings for sweets and other junk food have gone down. I have also noticed that after nights I work at my second job I usually have pain in my feet and knees, to the point where I can not bend over to pick anything up. Since starting the Life Pak I have noticed that I do not feel that pain anymore or not as offten and I have energy after a long day and night of work. I am really glad that I started taking them and I will probably buy another 30 day supply.

- Benjamin G., Orlando, FL

I have been using AAPCo products for approximately 10 years. I find them to be a valuable addition to my practice which incorporates a strong whole foods supplementation philosophy. In particular, we have great success with your product Congestex for immune system support, especially for colds. We also use Eye Support with great results for a variety of conditions, but most importantly as part of a strategy to help prevent macular degeneration.

-Dr. Bruce T., Northampton, MA

About ten years ago a good friend advised me to use your supplements. My family and patients all use your products with excellent results. The whole food process your supplements are made with is, in my opinion, superior to all commercially produced synthetic supplements. Thank you for providing such effective nutritional supplements with friendly customer service.

-Dr. Norman S., Leesville, SC

American Accepted Products has supplied my vitamins for about 20 years. They have been very helpful in guiding me to improved health. I’m very grateful for their products and service that I’ve come to rely on. Thank you for providing quality products and service I can trust.

-Alice V., Garden Grove, CA

I have been using your food supplements since Dr. Murray first formulated these great products. I faithfully use General Food Concentrate, Vita-B Plus, Calplex and Fem Gland. When I take your products I know I am getting the needed daily nutrients and keeping in good health.

-Shary G., Inglis, FL

My husband and I have been using AAPCo’s products since 1978 and they have greatly improved our health. We have looked into other products in the past, but only AAPCo products have our full confidence. We use most of the AAPCo products exclusively, with only great results. AAPCo has our complete loyalty.

-Gail & Jerry M. Nokomis, FL

I have been using your products since 1985 and I continue to use them to this day. I want to thank you for providing these great supplements.

-Ruby B., Warrenton, VA

I have been a customer of yours for almost 30 years now and the vitamins I’ve received through your company have kept my family healthy and we’ve had no major illnesses. I have never received a product from AAPCo that didn’t work.

-Kathy K., Sanford, FL

I've always been satisfied with the products I order from AAPCo. I’ve been taking these products for 30 years and never returned one. I know they have natural ingredients, nothing synthetic, and I would recommend them to anyone!

-JoAnn D., Lake Wales, FL

I have been using AAPCo products for many years. They are the best vitamins that I have ever used. The Vita-B Plus is better than any other Vitamin B that I have used. Nothing else works the same.

-Kay G., Virginia Beach, VA

I have been using AAPCo products for over 25 years and have been able to combat colds, flus, regular allergies, skin allergies, my infant son’s chronic ear infections (eliminating the necessity of tubes in his ears), my son’s warts (totally disappearing on his hands), sore throat infections, stomach and digestion problems, prostate problems, and even overcome a side effect of antibiotics that medical doctors did not know how to deal with. I have recommended these products to a host of friends and families. We have been able to maintain good health, and we rarely have to seek medical help or use prescription drugs for illnesses. These nutritional supplements have worked wonders even beyond my belief!

-Susan G., Milledgeville, GA

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